Staying Sane as The Stay-at-Home Mom

There’s one thing that all stay-at-home moms know all too well the feeling of completely losing one’s sanity. Staying sane as the Stay-at-home mom is imperative because it’s the key to keeping the family together.

1VibrantLife Editorial Team | May 18, 2018

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“A mother is a mother still, The holiest thing alive.”
Samuel Taylor Coleridge  1772 – 1834

How do stay at home moms stay sane at home?

When you have little ones to care for at home, it’s beautiful to get that time home with your children while they’re small.

All those great moments with those quotes you’ve got to pop up on your Facebook,

Instagram and Twitter account to let the world know your little angel is a laugh riot.

But the reality is that those moments don’t happen all day every day.

They’re the fleeting moments that we cling to so that we don’t wholly go so batty that we need to check ourselves into the funny farm.


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Why do we start losing our sanity, though?

It’s because we’re busy giving our all every single day to tiny little humans who need our care and attention. We’re busy doing everything for everyone else.

Yet we let things go for ourselves because we put the rest of the world before us. We’ve got to stop that right now.

Before you got married and had children, you were a woman with big ideas, dreams, and desires all her own.

Think about what the perfect day or evening was for you when you were just you, without kids, a husband, or a partner.

Did you love jamming out to Nirvana or Pearl Jam? Did you treat yourself to sushi once a week?

Did you meet up with your friends or read books that didn’t have pictures or rhyme?

The thing is, you’re still that same person you once were. You just took on more roles.

life before the stay at home mom

Life before becoming the stay-at-home Mom

Don’t lose sight of that person you used to be.

When you do, you can’t be the best mom to your kids and you feel resentment about staying home, especially if your husband acts like you do nothing all day.

And if you’re doing it all on your own without a partner, becoming a stay-at-home with the kids can be even more sanity-depriving simply because you feel like an island with no other grown-up for miles to talk to.

Then you become THAT girl that knows every cashier at the supermarket because you’re desperate for adult interaction.

There is a path to happiness as a stay-at-home mom working from home though. Sure, you’re working enough, but if you take on freelance writing, even if you’ve never written before, you can build a lucrative home business that helps ease your monthly costs.

And if you keep doing it, you can even make enough money that you’ll never have to work for someone else again.

Staying at home Mom

Stay At Home Mom’s Finding the Peace in Nature With The Kids 

But what about being stuck at home?

Once you’ve got the money coming in from freelance writing, you’ll have more options to go out into the world among the other adults.

Treat yourself the way you deserve, because you totally deserve the best.

Here’s to you and discovering how stay-at-home moms can rule the world right from their homes with freelance writing. 


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