Eternity Quotes By Philosophers, Poets, and Authors.

Philosophers, poets, and authors have written about eternity through the ages in ways that even today give us more insight into how we might better live our lives.

These quotes about eternity that have come from the teachings of the great philosophers, poets, and authors leave us countless gold nuggets of truth and hope. 

Those of us willing to seek out these beautiful quotes from the great philosophers, poets, and authors will gain a more meaningful, more fruitful, and more vibrant experience and understanding of our lives.

Let me dream that love goes with us
to the shore unknown.
Felecia D. Hemans
1793 – 1835


Eternity is not something that begins
after you are dead.  it is going on all
the time. we are in it now.
— Charlotte Perkins Gilman —
1860 – 1935


In the presence of eternity,
the mountains are as transient as the clouds.
— Robert Green Ingersoll —
1833 – 1899



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He who has no vision has no hold on time
— Thomas Carlyle —
1795 – 1881


There is, I know not how,
in the minds of men, A certain
presage as it were of a future existence,
and this takes the deepest root, and
is most discoverable in the greatest
geniuses and most exalted souls
— Cicero —
106BC – 43BC


Eternity! How know we but
we stand on the precipitous
and crumbling verge of time
e’en now. Eternity below?
— Abraham Coles —
1813 – 1891

It is an eternity now.
I am in the midst of it.
It is me in the sunshine;
I am in it, as the butterfly
in the lost laden air.
Nothing has to come; it is now.
Now is eternity; Now is the immortal life.
— Richard Jefferies —
1848 – 1887


All great natures delight in stability;
all great men find eternity affirmed
in the very promise of their faculties.
— Ralph Waldo Emerson —
1803 – 1882

Eternity is not an everlasting Flux of time,
but time is as a short parenthesis in a long period.
— John Donne —
1572 – 1631


The time will come when every change shall cease, this quick revolving wheel shall rest peace: No summer then shall glow, nor winter freeze; Nothing Shall be to come, and nothing Past! But an eternal now Shall ever last.
— Petrarch —
1304 – 1374

How vast is eternity! It will swallow up all
the human race; It will collect all the
intelligent universe; It will open up scenes
and prospects wide enough, great enough,
and various enough to fix the attention, and absorb the minds of all
intelligent beings forever.
— Nathanael Emmons —
1745 – 1840


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